Packing For Your Relocation

When there is a joy and experience in moving to a new place, there are feelings attached to the old place; with these mixed feelings the most challenging task is usually to pack and move useful items to a new place and we frequently shed our prized possessions while moving, but don’t get worried with an organized method you can certainly move to a new place without losing all of your valuable possessions.

The most important items while relocating are kitchenware & crockery, living room items, heirlooms & Jewelry, plants, etc. No matter how challenging or backbreaking this packing job may be, but to maintain these things safe and secure is worth every work. We will discuss further at length the dos and don’ts while packing your useful items.

Every human differs so is their packing style, some make an organized list and pack everything in another box with care, while some throw everything in a container because of lack of time. Why don’t we see a step-by-step procedure to pack your items with utmost care and safety:

Make a list = the first step towards successful moving is usually to make an organized set of all the items that you are acquiring along to your brand-new house or workplace, the last time I moved my office I made a list categorizing every item into heavy items, fragile and costly, glassware, and so on. There is no universal pattern to make a list, you may make a list relating to your understanding.

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Collect Packing Material = look for all the packing material you have with you. For instance: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, old newspapers, quality jute or plastic material ropes, staples, etc. After you have found everything put them in a single place so you don’t have to look for them again and again.

Start Packing = now is the time when you should begin packing all the items on your own list carefully. For several things you will need to take unique care and pack them delicately to ensure that there is no loss, I have explained below how I pack each item carefully:

1.Kitchenware and Crockery = For better care use durable boxes and bubble wrap for your glassware and chinaware because you will require your china collection in your brand-new home. I stack plates and saucers relating with their size and use quality tape to maintain them intact, and wrap them with a bubble wrap and place them safely into a sturdy box.

  1. Heirlooms and Jewelry = while packing heirlooms, antiques and jewelry you should take extra care because they can not be replaced by cash and they are usually priceless because there are therefore many memories attached to every one of them. I pack them in layers and set up extra bubble wrap and newspapers to ensure that there are no scrapes and cracks in them. For jewelry discover the original boxes and jewelry addresses because they are very secure and cover your jewelry in easiest way but if you’re not able to discover those jewelry covers, you can buy them from an area jewelry store and the price paid for those covers will be worth every penny.
  2. Electronic Items = packing electronic items is a bit tricky because these appliances possess different cautions, I do my best to keep all the first boxes of electronic items and place them well within their first boxes when I move because these boxes are designed to keep them secure for shipping. But do not get panicked in case you are not able to find the original box because you can still pack them safely. What you should do is to get a box that fits your electric item and put a supplementary padding on to the floor and wall space of the box, you may use thermocol linens and bubble wrap for this function, them safely place your item in that box. Be sure you bind electric wires & wires; and tie them with tie=wrap or plastic material threads so they can be placed safely into the box. The last thing you must do is to use tape outside (on the edges and joints) the box so that it generally does not open up while carrying, you might use plastic material ropes for the same purpose.
  3. Plants = The last thing on my list is usually plants, because I love to let them stay in their organic habitat for so long as they can. First step in packing plants is usually to wrap the roots, the roots do need to stay moist and protected to keep carefully the plant healthy; you might use moist paper towel or run the paper towel beneath the tap, and wring it out so it’s nicely damp however, not dripping wet. Next step is usually to wrap the top, for this wrap the entire plant in a tight cone of newspaper, related to what sort of florist wraps a bouquet of blooms then choose a box that will contain the plant with extra space all around for insulation materials; you may use shredded paper, crumpled newspaper, or bubbly wrap to cushion the plant. Make sure there will do space for atmosphere to pass and do not maintain these boxes cluttered up.

Labeling = last however, not the least, label your items carefully according to particular categories to ensure that you may strike straight down each item in your list because you put them in a van or vehicle, also this would help you in unpacking everything efficiently. Be sure you use long lasting ink to label to ensure that it isn’t erased when you handle them.

This is not the only method to pack your items for relocation. You can design your own way of packing your items, this sounds like a whole lot of work but trust me this is a lot more less complicated than buying everything once again.

Also, there are certain professional companies that provide removal and moving services. These companies have very good hands on experience and they usually care for everything, but be careful while opting for one.

I wish you a wonderful and straight forward moving experience.

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